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Coffee At Dawn

Golden Sun Masala, Coffee Condiment

Golden Sun Masala, Coffee Condiment

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Ingredients: Superfood spices include freshly ground Turmeric, Saigon Cinnamon, Cardamom (aka the Queen of Spices), Ginger, Pepper, and spices.

Tasting Notes: Turmeric is known as a superfood with an earthy, spicy, pungent flavor. Cinnamon adds some heat with sweet ginger and floral notes. The pepper gives a bit of a punch and is fantastic in your morning hot coffee.  

Uses: coffee, tea (black or Matcha), or hot milk. These spices are known for their anti-inflammatory properties.  

All spices are freshly ground and sourced by the Master of Spices, Lior Lev Sercarz, La Boite NY.  If you see little dark specks those are spices. Over-grinding can cause loss of essential oils. 

The spices are highly aromatic, and you only need a small pinch at a time. This jar goes a long way. Enjoy!

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